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by bob on March 29, 2009

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Example 3D video made with Nuke. Please note that you need a special 3D glass to see it work.

some extra information:

Started a new Visual Effects training at FXPHD (its great but have way to little time be a member constantly). In one of the first Nuke training they had an exercise about 3D/stereoscopic video with This is the first experiment on making 3D video’s (stereoscopic). Bought the two cheapest HD videocamera’s – they are very crappy but enough for testing – and shoot some footage. Here you see a front & back image of the 2 camera’s. The camera’s are mounted very basic , need to make a better and stabel connection.

After shooting the video’s imported the footage in Nuke. Now note that syncing the two video’s is done on a simple way by recording the iphone with the stop watch in the beginning off the sequence. Please note that the 3D glasses do not work with objects so close to the camera in this showcase.

Now the fun part starts. Within Nuke you easily can setup the 3D / stereoscopic part.

You only can the 3D stereoscopic video when you have a 3D glass. In this case you need a Red/ Cyaan one. In the Netherlands you can order the glasses at De Wijs 3D . For sure there is also in your country a shop where you can buy one.

some links to 3D imaging sites that are worth to visit:

World of 3D


Next experiment is do a matchmove test with 3D video. Will publish it on this site in the near future.