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by bob on March 29, 2009

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The last 10 years made some products. Most of them came no further than a prototype.

So now and then have idea’s for a product that could be usefull. For most of them not going to look in the patent database (or something like that) to look if it already excists. Some products that could have more potential will do a research and going the route that is normal (try to put it on the market ); in the Netherlands for example there is the Dutch Inventors association (NOVU) that could be helpfull in consulting. Commercialising a product is a very difficult route and try that only in rare occasions.

Its for most of them pure fun to make it.

In the near future this section is going to “work” together with the 3D section because all (old & new) products are going to translated into a 3D model. The cost Rapid Prototyping are getting lower so that is also a very interesting thing to look at in combination with product idea’s and 3D.

Will publish more products in 2009 here on this site so stay tuned!

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ps If you are interested in Rapid Prototyping just visit a Fablab in your country. Almost every country has one or more. In the Netherlands you can visit here to have some more information.