manhole cover < 3D <220w

by bob on March 26, 2009

in 3D, The Scheveningen 360 project


This is part of The Scheveningen 360° project.

The Manhole cover idea (riool put deksel). Let me first explain how the post processing of making a panorama picture goes in the case you never heard of it. After the panorama is shoot you have to stitch it together. Not going too deep for now in that part but after stitching there is a spherical image.

The black area at the bottom is the place where the tripod + panoramahead stood. When publishing panorama pictures (VR’s) its not looking great to see the black hole. To retouche that black hole in a photo editing app you need to convert the spherical image into 6 cubic images so you can easily add another picture to fill the black hole.

Give it a bit of an extra dimension to the project had the idea to fill the bottom with a specially made 3D object; the manhole cover. Used as base for modeling the manhole cover this image that is copyrighted to Björn Appel.

This image is the base for the 3D model. For now the modeling goes very slowly. Beneath you see the lastest model quickly integrated with the bottom shot. So still need to do some modeling. And of course the lightning and textures are not added. This is work in progress. Other thing to mention is that the logo (3 fishes) from Scheveningen is also implemented in the 3D model.

220w_spherical 220w_cubic220w_schachtdeckel220w_bottom_plus_deksel