The Dutch Skies 360° project

by bob on March 26, 2009

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[UPDATE] The online store and the special pages can be found here.

Just finished the first panorama site that is all about Dutch Skies. The site is hosted at I only have the domain name and that is pointing to website.

Shoot for a while Dutch Skies in Scheveningen. On this project page you see a small collection. Normaly shoot Spherical panoramas but so now and then also partionaly panorama’s. Please note that the images were very quicly basic color corrected. Made the collection so they perhaps can be used in Visual Effects productions. Have 3 methods (workflows) for shooting the panorama’s : A) LDR (low dynamic range or one exposure), B) MDR (midrange or about 3 exposures) and C) HDRI (minimal 5 exposures). It depents on how much time there is to shoot what kind of workflow to choose. If there is very limited time then I use the LDR or MDR method. This is the case if there are quickly moving clouds. If there is plenty of time prefer to choose the HDRI variant with 9 exposures.

The Timelap panorama sequence is a little experiment. Shot the sequence in about 2 hours and every 10 minutes a compleet panorama. Used the LDR method so only one exposure per angle.

Perhaps you were thinking about the site – movie about Dutch Light , saw that movie 1 november 2008 for the first time. Did not wanted it to see it before.

The Dutch Skies Project is a ongoing project.

You can visite the site here.

See the official logo for this project here, and a screenshot from the website here.

Oh and here a gallery and an timelap experiment here.