The Analog Panorama viewer & preview information

by bob on June 30, 2009

in Dutch Skies 360° online shop

All images have big previews in the online shop. (What you see is what you get). Below you see an example how it is looking in the online store. By clicking on the image another browser window opens and you see a big preview of the panorama.


Next to the big previews another preview is available:

Asked my brother Hans Groothuis if he could make a model to show the benifit of the sIBL set. He came up with a nice 3D object called the Analog Panorama viewer.


“To show the potential of the individual HDR images as a light-source, they are used in a 3D scene, and rendered in Modo. The 3D Testmodel is an Analog Panorama viewer, or what it could look like, if such a device should exist. (The mechanism is used to clean the reflective Sphere.)”

Below you see how the 3D model & the sIBL set are integrated together in Modo 401


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