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by bob on June 30, 2009

in Dutch Skies 360° online shop


[UPDATE 20101210] working on a refresh of this subject. More info will be soon available here.

This special area is called Exclusive First Pick. Customers can buy the exclusive images directly for 413 $ (299 euro) -excl. VAT. The big advantage is that the buyer is guaranteed that the images are only sold to the buyer. The images are visible in JPG/PDF. The images sold through Exclusive First Pick will not be available in the online shop.

ps you get an discount if you buy 3 Exclusive First Pick’s then the fourth is for free!

If you are interested you can contact me with through the contact form at the bottom of this page …and the first one who wants it gets it……

If you want to get a newsletter regarding only the Exclusive First Pick’s please send an mail to sales [ at ] bobgroothuis [ dot ] com


In this first edition there are 3 Exclusive First Pick’s available;

Note: the images (previews images below) are made using “quick and dirty” tonemapping/blending techniques and are personal interpretations. Sure you (the artist) can make it look better. You got with the Dutch Skies the most flexible stock images available.





Contact form for the Exclusive First Pick images



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