Dutch Skies 360° < Volume 1 DVD almost ready <259w

by bob on August 5, 2009

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UPDATE: Selling price for the DVD will be 99 $ or 69,99 euro (excl VAT & shipping and handling costs)!

UPDATE: DVD is available in the online store +/- 5 september 2009! The master DVD that has been send to the distributor has not arrived so please be patient a bit more. Perhaps the DVD got delayed at customs…..please be patient some more…thanks!

The Dutch Skies 360° Volume 1 catalog can be downloaded when you click on the image below. Please be patient with downloading the PDF is about 4 mb.


In the last stage of the production of the Dutch Skies 360° Volume 1 DVD. All ingredients of the DVD are ready. You can preview them here. On the DVD will be 25 High Quality sIBL 2.0 HDR panorama’s of Dutch Skies.
Try to have the DVD on sale about 28 august 2009. Each image is also separately available in the online store, but best to wait for the DVD because it will be greatly discounted.

When the DVD is available for online sale an announcement will appear on this site. If you want to get an e-mail just subscribe to the newsletter on the right of this page.