Free French Skies (+/-) 360° < photography < 271w

by bob on January 23, 2010

in photography

Went on a short holiday to the south off France to meet the family, friends and other friendly inhabitants of my girlfriends petite village at Olonzac (Merci Olonzac nous avons becoup des avontures et). Will keep the private pictures separate but below you can see a few of them. Did not have my panohead & camera with me but have bought recently the Canon G11. So could not resist making some pano’s manually. Shot in raw and converted them with Photomatix into pseudo HDR then stitched the HDR’s with Autopano pro. Some are a bit noisy due low light conditions.

The complete Zipped package with the 4 images is 390 mb big. Here you can download all 4 off them perhaps you can use them in one off your projects.

sizes are about 11.000 x 2000 pixels (each panorama).

Below you can see the previews of the 4 images

They are are completely royalty free and so you may use them commercialy
attention they are not compleet 360 but think they are usable for post production.

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love to see how you used it in real production so if you can arrange the permission let me know.