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by bob on January 23, 2010

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[update] added preview 3: Shot an new panorama at F.A.S.T. (Free Architecture Surf Terrain) Scheveningen thursday 28 january 2010 – between 09:39 – 09:40 .

Here is Preview 2 of my Scheveningen 360° project. This project has something special. Normaly you have a black hole at the bottom of the panorama because thats the place were the tripot stood during the shoot. You can go into two directions with the black hole: a) retouche it so there is no black hole b) add a kind of logo. See here for more info. Thought about it for some while to do it on another way so came up with the manhole cover idea. Nice to see realistic non existing manhole covers all over Scheveningen. It would be great to see people seeking for the manhole covers in Scheveningen :). The 3D model was modeled by my brother Hans Groothuis ( hans at groothuis dot com). He made also the Modo presets.

Hans also added the Scheveningen Logo to it. More info about the logo you can read here.

Choose for this preview the same location where the Dutch Skies are taken (its also in Scheveningen)

Modo & sIBL (smart Image Based Lighting)

The 3D model was modeled in Modo 401. The panorama was shot in HDRI. The light was amazing that morning (as you can see). Then made an sIBL set from that HDRI and used to lighten the 3D manhole cover with in Modo. Used the free nifty Modo script (401) sIBL to Environment Preset converter to import the sIBL set. Joined the 3D manhole cover modo file with the sIBL set. The result shows the true render out off Modo without tweaking anything. It renders a complete spherical panorama with the manhole cover & the sIBL set. You can see how simple & powerfull sIBL is. See image below.

Here are some screenshots from the setup in Modo

Curious how the panorama look like just click here.

Color correction by JP van der Burg