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by bob on March 7, 2010

in 360, HDRI, photography, publicity

Arranged a publication in 3D World Magazine and invited (against all “rules” 😉 ) some nice folks who also make sIBL sets too.

The next issue (nr 128) will have an DVD *) with 8 free sIBL sets will be in the stores in the UK on about 10 march 2010. On the same day (+/-) its available in The Netherlands. A month later (+/-) it will be published in the USA.

Big thanks to Steve Jarratt (Group senior editor of 3D World magazine) making this publication possible!

*) IMPORTANT NOTE: sadly enough not all editions will have the DVD

Here are the donators of the free sIBL sets that may be used commercially .

HDRVFX (worked with them with pleasure on on a very large HDRI panorama project in the past)
Charles Leo (met him recently check his site he’s an great artist) he also has a big sIBL collection on his other website HDRSource
Christian Bloch – (friendly, creative und accessible artist better check his website or buy his fantastic book about HDRI here.
– two of my Dutch Skies 360 are on the DVD. There is one sIBL set from my Dutch Skies 360 Volume 1 & one from the new Dutch Skies 360 Volume 2. There is a special message on the 3D World DVD for my current customers who bought already the Volume 1 DVD.

Christian made an good promo about the 3D World Magazine DVD here.
Charles (aka Chuck) made a mentioning on his Blog here.