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by bob on May 2, 2010

in publicity

Arranged another publication in the 3D World magazine. Here you can read more information about the publication in the 128 issue of 3D World Magazine.

This time they are celebrating the 10th anniversary an so all editions will have the DVD that is full packet with lots of free stuff!

That issue (nr 130) will have an DVD with 4 free sIBL sets will be in the stores in the UK on about 5 may 2010. On the same day (+/-) its available in The Netherlands. A month later (+/-) it will be published in the USA.

A pdf with all the contents off the 3D World Magazine issue 130 DVD can download it here. (please note that the colors in the pdf are a bit inaccurate)

Here is the announcement on the 3D World Magazine website.

Big thanks to Steve Jarratt ( Group senior editor) & Becky Collier (New Media Editor) of 3D World magazine) making this publication possible!

Here are the donators of the free sIBL sets that are on the issue 130 DVD:

HDRVFX (worked with them with pleasure on on a very large HDRI panorama project in the past)

Christian Bloch – (friendly, creative und accessible artist better check his website or buy his fantastic book about HDRI here.

– two of my Dutch Skies 360 are on the DVD. Attention these two sIBL / HDRI images are not available in my store or anywhere else and may be used commercially! My current customers who bought already the Dutch Skies 360 Volume 1 DVD or/and the Dutch Skies 360 Volume 2 will get the Dutch Skies 360 HDR’s that are on the issue 130 DVD for free and will be send with my Yousendit account as soon as possible. This offer does not append to customers who bought separate images from my store sorry! (but when you buy a Dutch Skies 360 DVD you will get it too! Or off course simply just buy the 3D World Magazine 130 issue 😉 )