Dutch Skies 360° < Volume 3 in production <290w

by bob on June 20, 2010

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Working here on the next one: Dutch Skies 360° Volume 3 DVD.

Code name “50/50 hatsjie! hatsjie! – gesundheit

Release date is 28 september 2010. [FINAL DATE]

[UPDATE] try to solve some last issues…. hope to update the site later today otherways the launch will be 29 september.

Lots of new HDR Dutch Skies (50% moody sunrises/sunsets & 50% daylight skies, free bonus HDR stuff, “HDR bloopers” & 2 HDR’s with a new feature so stay tuned!

Note that it will not have separate downloads in my online shop anymore starting with Dutch Skies 360° Volume 3. Is saves me lots of time and most sales are DVD’s sorry!

Some production images……….

[update 1] have to release the new DVD about 1 or 2 weeks later so +/- 22 september 2010 one off several causes are due to some major flaws in the operating system. Symptoms are mentioned here. It drives me completely nuts. Made a screenshot (see below) of the system copying a small file to the desktop…. is the time it needs – for copying – normal for a so called modern operating system?

[update 2] Bought the memory release tool iFreeMem until now it works well, but its completely insane the need of such a tool for the “operating system that is so much better then the rest“. Only thing is that its needs to push manually a button…..

[update 3] Apple Developer Technical Support contacted me about the problem! Read here for more info