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by bob on September 29, 2010

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Annual Free Dutch Skies 360° 2010


A complete new subject on this site that you probably will like or even better can use!

The Annual Free Dutch Skies 360° Skies: Edition 2010

Starting to give away every year one complete HDRI Dutch Skies 360°. Planning to produce 1 Dutch Skies 360° DVD every year. When a new DVD is ready then will make a free Annual Dutch Skies 360° so this year its the 2010 Edition.
The Annual Free Dutch Skies 360° Skies: Edition 2010 may be used commercially. Please read the License agreement in the downloaded file but there are no hidden tricks so you can use it.

In the package (200 mb) of this year – 2010 version – you can download (at te bottom of this page) here you will find:

The Annual Free Dutch Skies 360° Skies: Edition 2010 package

1) a sIBL set
 (If you not know what a sIBL set is please visit the website of my friends at HDRLabs )
2) the 11k 9 exposure sphericals (very usefull in postproduction for example matte paintings) renders

3) The Background plates – 1 JPG version & 1 NEF (RAW) file per image. Please note that camera settings could be find in the originals. Some corrections could be needed but think most of you know how to use Photoshop 🙂

Regarding the background plates: all the info about shutterspeed , lens settings are within the original images. A instruction how to extract the Color Profile is available in the download file. Oh and added 3 more BG plates You can see and download them at the bottom of this page.

To have a look on the ingredients of the Annual Free Dutch Skies 360° 2010 Edition see the (mini) catalog can be downloaded when you click on the image below.


The nice 3D model was made by my brother Hans Groothuis ( hans *at- groothuis -dot* com ). Sended him a (crappy) sketch & a google search with some examples how I want to look it a bit like – a kind of cup/ bokaal. If you are interested in the previous model the analog panorama viewer he made (that one came only out of his brain – use that model a lot for showing lighting in my Dutch Skies 360°.)

Beneath you see a bigger version (just click on it to see the big one) of the Free Annual Dutch Skies 360 – 2010 edition cup/ bokaal and a screenshot of the model in Modo



Send me your render where you use the Annual free Dutch Skies 360° in combination with a 3D model and a backgroundplate and you can win:

First Prize
– 3 exclusive Dutch Skies
– All Dutch Skies 360° Volume 1,2,3, 4 & 5 DVD’s (Volume 4 > release data +/- sept/oct 2011, Volume 5 > release data +/- sept/oct 2012 )

Second Prize
– 2 exclusive Dutch Skies

Third Prize

– 1 exclusive Dutch Skies

EVERYONE who send me a (serious) attempt will get an Dutch Skies 360° for free anyway!

The jury will be some folks who all work in the 3D/VFX business… but the fun part is they do not know it yet (that they are in the Jury)…hehe!
There are not hidden tricks behind this contest and every one on this planet can take part of this contest.
This contest ends about 31 january 2011. And your e-mail adresses etc will not be sold to anyone. You only get an automatic subscription to my newsletter. You may send only 1 render max so do not send me more. So you must use the Annual free Dutch Skies 360°: 2010 Edition in combination with 1 of the background plates that are in the zipped file you can download below. & off course a 3D model. You can use off course any 3D app what you want.


Enough “talking” beneath you can download the files:

Download | HDRLabs archive (thanks for hosting HDRLabs!!)