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by bob on November 18, 2010

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[UPDATE 3] 13 december 2011

New revisions 2.4 compatible sIBL sets now available at HDRLabs archive page. Have fun with them!

[UPDATE 2] Steampunk mobile phone mentioned in CatchUp Edition 4

Nice indepht article See page 20 – 30 of the online magazine. Congratulations Andrew!

[UPDATE 1] Steampunk mobile phone

Fantastic steampunk mobile phone was lightend with van Kleef images set nr 3. The render was made passionated user of a free render tool called KerkyThea Echo 2008. Its made by Kerkythea user Andrew J Gowland aka Technohippy. Andrew is a a 40 year old self employed Architectural Technician, Architectural Vizualiser, hobbyist 3d Modeller and occasional musician. He lives near Glastonbury in Somerset, UK with his wife and children. You can see his website here.

Like that it is made completely with free tools.

Another nice thing to mention is that that render was made completely with free Tools: Gimp, Google Sketchup, KerkyThea Echo 2008 & finally my nr 3 van Kleef HDR (download instruction see below).

Andrew has a passion for free software and resources and regularly blog about free 3d resources (free sources!) at the 3D-Artists group at deviant art. He also started the Kerkythea group at Deviant art.

ps a here you can see a gallery with some more nice renders. Glad could get permission from Andrew to post some renders directly on this Blog (click on the 5 small images below to see bigger versions)
ps b never heard of KerkyThea before …thanks to Google Alert saw it!
ps c he made another ubercool Steampunk Raygun some while ago (not lightend with one of mine HDR but thinks is nice to show it)


Shot about 20 may 2010 some HDRI pano’s at the van Kleef Distillery museum (english translation here) in the haque. Due the lack if time did not have the time to work on them until october 2010. Was already planning to give the sIBL sets away for free through the HDRLabs website but about two months ago was contacted by the HDRLabs member Thomas Mansencal aka Kel Solaar, he told me to contact Lee Perry Smith because he thought its a good idea to bring us together. Well big thanks Thomas to do that! Within a very short time after the first e-mail contact with Lee Perry we came up with a first collaboration with the van Kleef HDRI Project. I’m really keen on people with the right “drive” to create something without borders. Next contacted Christian Bloch to see if he liked the plan…. he did so it turned up as sIBL sets of the month november 2010.
Big thanks to Thomas, Lee Perry & Christian!


You first have to check out his website Infinite Realities. Truly amazing work he does with his 3D scanning services. Do you want to have a doppelgänger contact him. More info see also Lee’s blog.


We came up with the idea to put 3D scanned head into the van Kleef sIBL set scene’s. Funny to mentions is the fact that I did not in the beginning of the project knew it was Lee Perry’s own head :). The images were rendered in Softimage using Arnold. Bytheway you can download Lee’s head (Object file and textures) here, the displacement Maps here & finally the stripped down 7 Subdivision Level ZBrush file here. ps These files are under the Creative Commons license big thanks Lee!

ps I’m sure we will do some other works together!


Click on the thumbmail to see a bigger version


The van Kleef sIBL sets off the month will dissapear in early december 2010 so below is screenshot (just click on the thumbnail to see a bigger version).


You are perhaps wondering where are the panorama’s? Well here they come;

ATTENTION!: a) you can clicking on the spherical images below a bigger version pops-up b) when clicking on view 360°/VR another browser window opens so if nothing happens check the Block Popup window.

van Kleef Distillery Museum – The Haque # 1

van Kleef Distillery Museum – The Haque # 2

van Kleef Distillery Museum – The Haque # 3

van Kleef Distillery Museum – The Haque # 4

3D render with test object