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by bob on December 31, 2010

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3D World magazine issue 138

Was asked by the editors of 3D World magazine to publish two new Dutch Skies (big thanks for asking Steve & Becky!). So made two exclusive for 3D World magazine Dutch Skies 360 sIBL (HDRI) sets.

Those who have the magazine with the DVD are allowed to use those 2 sIBL sets commercial.

The two sets were published in edition 138.

Bytheway better grab issue 138 in your local store because it has lots of awesome articles & on the DVD are stuff woth about 18.000 $! Or when you are not to late you can order it online here.

Below the articles (incl a typo in my name ;))

The panorama’s

ps If you have the DVD thats inside 3D World magazine issue 138 then you have all the ingredients to generate a HDRI (plus Tonemap) at 11k! You are in control!