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by bob on February 1, 2011

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Annual Free Dutch Skies 360° CONTEST WINNER 2010

Last year started a contest called the Annual Free Dutch Skies 360° contest 2010.

The contest discription see bottom of the next link but to write about it in some lines:

Will produce every year one Dutch Skies 360° Volume DVD. To introduce the availability if the Dutch Skies 360 Volume 3 DVD will give away one separate free Dutch Skies 360° sIBL/ HDRI set complete with some Background images. The contest is to use that set in combination with a 3D model.

The winner of the 2010 contest is Sean Smylie from Ireland! He made a fantastic 3D model and used the (Free) Annual Free Dutch Skies 360° 2010 to render. Really love his final color tuning which gives a bit of a 70’s look…. fabulous!

He wins the Dutch Skies 360° Volume 1, 2 & 3 DVD’s (and the upcoming Volume 4 – late 2011 – and the Volume 5 – late 2012) PLUS 3 Exclusive First Pick Dutch Skies 360°!
In total worth about 1100 $!

The second price goes to Feng Liu from China!. He just started working with HDRI so this is a great start!

Feng wins All Dutch Skies 360° Volume 1,2,3 DVD’s. The second prize was actually 2 exclusive Dutch Skies 360° but think he would be more happy getting all the DVD’s made until now.

Some other thing that is worth to mention: there were only 2 who contributed the contest…… have the idea that there will be more contributors in the 2011 contest (more info later this year) due the fact that there will be some more publicity about it…… did a bit to little promotion….

Asked Sean to write some backgroud information :

“With regards to information about myself, I’m from Ireland and got into 3d coming from a traditional Art background, I studied Painting and Art history at a University in Wales several years ago. After graduating, I returned to my home town in Newry which unfortunately doesn’t have many opportunities in the visual arts so while doing other jobs, I began to do some computer courses and also teach myself 3d using the open source software, Blender. Over the past year or two I’ve put a lot more time and effort into learning CG and in the past few months I have been trying to set myself up so that I can make a living in the CG industry.
I still use Blender for modelling and I am beginning to use Zbrush more and more, for rendering at the moment I use Thea render and I use photoshop for other bits and pieces. The idea for the car in this particular render came about after watching TV shows like Overhaulin and Wrecks to Riches, which I enjoy even though I don’t even know how to drive a car! I teach Art classes locally and I still enjoy doing a little bit of real world painting and sculpting”
Sean Smylie

Sean recently launched his website witch can be visited here:

Some more background info about the model

Sended Sean another mail and asked him to send me some extra renders and a bit more info how he made it :

“Hi Bob, I’ve included a couple of screen grabs from Blender 2.49, the software in which I modelled the car and I’ve included one from the interactive render in Thea Studio. Thea interactive makes use of a real time preview so you can load the background image, rotate the hdr around the model and see it all positioned exactly as you would like it. These settings/positions can then be applied in Thea’s main renderer which has a few more advanced features that would be recognisable to a photographer, camera response functions, glare, vignetting etc.”

Beneath you can see some screenshots (just click on them to see a bigger version)

Asked Feng to write some backgroud information :

I work for an architectural visualization company in Beijing, China. I use 3ds Max + Vray and have just started experimenting with hdri’s and am happy for my email ‘576210123 {ATT] qq (DOTT) com ‘ to be listed on your website. Unfortunately, I havn’t got a blog yet.
Feng Liu

Some screenshots of Fengs model