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by bob on February 1, 2011

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WARNING: images below contain some nudity (in my point of view its only a male and female doll but have to write this down…. some readers could be offended by it)

Found in my archive a project that normaly would not see the daylight anymore… but thought it would be a nice thing to share and put it in the Blast From The Past (BFTP) section.

This concept idea started in 2000/ 2001 and would benifit people who want to place tattoo but before they put it on their body they could see it mapped on their body. Came up with an kind of internet application where the customer could upload their art and place it on a body. The images below were made in 2000/2001.

So first they can choose if they are a man or a woman

Then the customer can choose their skin tone

Then finally they can choose a spot on the body and then upload the art work to the body. The art work will then be placed on the body. So the customer can see how it will look and then decide……..

The idea was also to option to choose from different body types but not have this here in this demo.

Wanted to put it on the market in those days… but several things prevented it…… it was in the middle of the internet bubble…. and the most important thing is that after having such idea’s almost immediately loose interest in putting more time in it….. so here you have it!