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by bob on February 1, 2011

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[UPDATE] in the last year until now some movies came out with some Rosa similarities (attention not saying they robbed the idea.. it must be complete coincidence that there are some parts that could remind you!)

Kick Ass

First saw the briljant movie last year Kick Ass (with the very violent little girl that could be Rosa)

Orphan (Ester)

Not a bad movie at all.. it has a nice twist. Made a picture of the DVD. Do you see the similarities with Rosa?

Rosa Animatited

Reggy just mailed this one to me. Its a new (Spanish) SCIFI animated Short called: Rosa
Wow that looks fantastic !

Now on to the Rosa Reggy made in 2008 after reading my short story

Based on a short story written about 7 years ago. Finaly Reggy Hafkenscheid transformed – in 2008 – the text briljant into a storyboard. Great work Reggy! To see some more of Reggy’s work please take your time to visit his site here.

ps top secret message….. the Rosa prequal is in a early writing stage……. need to figure out some essential bloks of the story before annoying Reggy again 😉

Simple Animatic storyboard

Normal image view

Click here to see the Storyboard
Attention there are 17 images, on the bottom left side op the image that pops up after you clicked on the link you can choose for the next image