Dutch Skies 360° < Volume 4 in (post) production <306w

by bob on May 10, 2011

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Volume 4 is in (post) production

Code name: sjakkie totoe Wortel van 3


In the final stage of post production! Early november it will be available. Meanwhile a production image shot during the process..do you see the sweat? 🙂

Do not let you mislead by the clear blue sky (in the image above) well there are clear blue skies in the next release but have also lots LOTS of other stuff. Sunset, sunrise , kind of nights shots, painterly skies , some “armagedonisch” skies, series and a super super super bonus & a new contest. Stay tuned. Release date about october/ november 2011. Price point could be a bit higher than Volume 3 but no worry you will get a lot more stuff, think I’ll need about 3 dual layer DVD’s!

When having more info will publish it here.

[update 20110510] Yes the development op the next Volume is going very smoothly.. almost shot 78 % of all the images needed. This is going to be the craziest Dutch Skies 360° ever made 😉