Sony – Evolution Studios | Motorstorm Apocalyps < Showcase < 313w

by bob on May 10, 2011

in Showcase

Very proud to announce that in the latest game from Sony | Evolution Studios Motorstorm Apocalyps several of my Dutch Skies 360° are being used!

Last year they ordered my Dutch Skies 360° DVD’s, lately had a look at their site and saw some skies passing by and thought hey that looks familiar so contacted directly Mick Hocking (Sony’s Group Studio Director) and hope he would response…. it not always works.. but in this case got an nice mail back from Mick. He gave permission and even asked if I could need a nice render (without asking for it)!

Big thanks to the folks from Evolution Studios for their help & permission to show it on my site.

So Thanks Mick Hocking, Matt Southern, Simon O’Brien!!!

ps to prevent mistakes: not sure how many scene’s my skies are used so not every scene has them. Often are skies combined with other stuff so hardly to see the original in it.

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