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by bob on June 2, 2011

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Update 13 February 2014

Completely unexpected usage of my free Novu/Protospace HDRI’s (you can still download them here) appeared at 24ten’s website. Its used in a test 3D render for BBC’s Atlantis! Thanks to James Busby from 24Ten for the permisson to mention it on my website!.

You can click on both small images below to see the original article.

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Prosthetic Scanning | Ten24

Atlantis | Ten24

Original posting on 2 June 2011 below

Wrote an guest article for my friends at HDRLabs.

Its about 3D, HDRI, Rapid Prototyping and you even can download 5 sIBL sets for free…. isn’t life great?

You can read the article here.

Some parts of the article are not visible anymore below you can click on the smaller images to see the whole articles.



Nice CGChannel spotted the Protospace sIBL sets!


First true consumer Rapid Prototype machine introduces at CES 2012!

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