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by bob on October 21, 2011

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Early 2011 was contacted by students of the Netherlands Film and Television Academy, they asked if I could sponsor them for free (they had no or very limited budget) with some HDRI Dutch Skies 360°. Only needed to think about it for about 0,1 second ;). The skies are used as Background images (& lighting 3D) in 2 shots in their Graduation movie. In Dutch the title of the movie is: “Een bizarre samenloop van omstandigheden”, the english title is “A Curious Conjunction of Coincidences”.

Mostly had contact with Sander Jansen and asked him if he could make a showcase of the project.

Facebook page

The complete movie is not online yet because it will be shown on some film festivals. When its online will make a link on this page.

ah here can you see the movie (Dutch version).

Premiere images

Was invited to the premiere of the movie in de DeLamar theater in Amsterdam, shot some images of the film crew.

ps 1 loved the movie! Great sense of humor, mixed with great VFX & nice story!
ps 2 Last image was shot by waiteress from DeLaMar she took my camera and shot my portret…. just felt like Jack Torrance at the Overlook Hotel in the Shining but not sure if that feeling was before or after his crack down haha!

Now the word to Sander Jansen!

About the project

A Curious Conjunction of Coincidences
Graduation film 2011 – Netherlands Film and Television Academy

The film ‘A Curious Conjunction of Coincidences’ is a absurd journey through time with an explosive ending in the heart of Amsterdam
The 8 minute film directed by Joost Reijmers is a VFX heavy film, 64 of the 70 shots involved set extensions and some shots where completely digital. A crew of 8 VFX students worked 8 mounts to create the 3 time periods the story takes place in.
To create the environments we used the HDRI package Dutch Skies 360 because of the high quality high resolution pictures it contains. For the look of the film we where looking for typical Dutch skies because the story takes place in Amsterdam, the Dutch capital. A part of the 2nd sequence takes place in the Dutch skies: a German WWII Stuka bomber. For these shots we combined the Dutch Skies with CG clouds, this makes the shot footage and the CG additions really blend together.
We really enjoyed working with Bob, he was very helpful finding the right HDRI’s for the moods we where looking for. If we had to make matte paintings for all the skies, I think we hadn’t made the tight deadline.

So Thank you Bob for your contribution to our graduation film,

Netherlands Film and Television Academy Visual Effects Class 2011:
Ester ten Dam, Ziggy Deutz, Menno Dijkstra, Dennis Groenendijk, Ewoud Heidanus,
Sander Jansen, Patrick Mere and Martin Nečas-Niessner

vfx041 explained

Shot: Two people sitting in a German Stuka. The camera fly’s in on the person sitting in the back.

Used HDRI: DS360_015 (this one is available in my online store, its part of the Dutch Skies 360 Volume 1 DVD.)

How we used the image in compositing:

HDRI mapped on a sphere in The Foundry’s Nuke, we filmed that with our matchmoved camera. To add a little more speed to the plane we rotated the sphere a little in the opposite direction of the camera. To make the shot more convincing we added a layer of CG clouds simulated in Houdini.

The 3D system with the sky in Nuke

The complete composite of the shot in Nuke

Filmed plate

Sky added

Final composite

vfx035 explained:

Shot: Track along a German WWII platoon standing on a airbase.

Used HDRI: DS360_044_tonemapped (this one is available in my online store, its part of the Dutch Skies 360 Volume 2 DVD.)

How we used the image in compositing:
Our mattepainter painted a Highres mattepainting for the background of the shot using the HDRI as sky. We repeated the concrete floor using a 3D scene and the matchmoved camera in Nuke. Then we projected the mattepainting on a card in3D space and filmed that with the camera of the shot. To add a bit of realism we meshwarped the sky over time to create the movement of the clouds.

The 3D scene of the shot

The complete comp of the shot in Nuke

Breakdown from left to right:

1) Filmed Plate

2) Sky and background added

3) 3D airplanes and buildings added

4) Graded final shot

Final words

Big thanks to the whole crew, & thanks for asking joining this great project!


If other crew members want also have their show-real below just mail me the web address of the movie then will add it below no problem 🙂

Sander Jansen

Ewoud Heidanus