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by bob on October 21, 2011

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Intro short

This is a cooperation between a 3D Artist Ivo Šućur , a Film Director/ Art director Maarten Butter & a HDRI panorama photographer Bob Groothuis

Shot (Bob) a complete ( 26) HDRI sequence of a sunset in Scheveningen – the Netherlands. Then had an idea to make a kind of animation of it. The original plan was to make a animation with all the 26 HDRI panorama’s but due the lack of time we had to use only 10 HDRI panorama’s for rendering 10 images out off 3D Max by Ivo. Ivo modeled the Chapel in Villeaceron That 3D model was the base of this project.

Those 10 renders were used for a nice simple animation made by Maarten Butter with Final Cut pro. We wanted to have the zoom in more visible but due the lack of more time we could not make new (bigger) renders.

All the HDRI’s used for this project are Part of the Dutch Skies 360° Volume 4 DVD (its the Super super super super Bonus).

HD Animation

More about Ivo & Maarten

Ivo Šućur

website (not online yet)

Some very cool project Ivo did see: Making of GH House Part 1 & Making of GH House Part 2

Maarten Butter


Corporate website | personal website

Final Renders

Making of the renders by Ivo Šućur

Asked Ivo if he could make a small tutorial how he did the 3D part.

So beneath you see 8 screenshots. Think its clear for those who work with 3ds Max + VRay

Final words

Big thanks Ivo & Maarten!