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by bob on January 24, 2012

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IMPORTANT UPDATE 25 JANUARY 2012 ZBRUSH/PULCHRI Project officially cancelled.

Sorry to mention that there, due circumstances, is no HDRI available from the ZBRUSH/PULCHRI Project.

Instead of that have uploaded a free HDRI that will compensate it a little bit. Yes its a kind of “depressive” one but i like it.
You are allowed to use it commercially and you even get some extra BG plates.

So have fun with it

DU360 Under Bridge 01 – free sIBL/ HDRI set + extra BG plates





[UPDATED 20120127] complete new download > corrected a error in the .ibl file that could prevent importing the sIBL into your 3D app.

ps if you have download problems just mail me: mail att bobgroothuis doot com

The – CANCELED Project – Short version

For those who not like to read long stories…. he’s the short version:

Shot for Pixologic a exclusive HDRI panorama in Pulchri Studio (the Netherlands) that Zbrush 4R2 customers can use to present their 3D works in a real museum on a pedestal . Zbrush now (beside lots of other new features) has as a full full 32-bits floating-point HDR pipeline.

The HDRI is shot within the museum with an empty pedestal in the middle of the exhibition hall. So the ZBrush user can put their 3D works on the pedestal so it looks if their art work , made with ZBrush , is part of an official exhibition! How cool is that! The real world melting together with the digital world.

When there are made some nice renders by ZBrush users will post them here. Its just launched so you have to be a bit patient.

Note 1: the HDRI is not public available its shot exclusively for Pixologic/ Zbrush
Note 2: for those who do not know the 3D package ZBrush – yet – please look the video on the bottom of this page.

VR | 360°

Here is an VR


The – CANCELED Project – long version

After having contact with Pixologic CEO Ofer Alon (a.k.a. Pixolator) about the Zbrush render they publicated came in contact with Pixelogic’s COO Jaime Labelle.
After have some e-mail sessions with Jaime we thought it would be an idea to work together.
He asked me to shoot a HDRI in a museum with a empty pedestal. So the users of Zbrush could easily put their own 3D generated statue on the Pedastal so it would show of their work in a real museum!
Well the idea was great but now the most difficult part..the search for a museum and a pedestal
Hm a museum and a pedestal how to approach this? Contacted several museums in the Haque (in the neighborhood of Scheveningen), until now waiting for a response wonder why they not even took the time to response. Finally A Dutch artist Ilja Walraven arranged a location for shooting the panorama: Pulchri Studio.

Day of the shoot

The arranged appointment was I think about 10:00 (somewhere may 2011). Went inside and reported to the reception. Reception woman takes me to a room full off people discussing. Shouted “hello I’m Bob have a appointment for a photoshoot”. A young woman stood up and walked with me. She told me lots of stuff the next 10 minutes. Not had a clue what she was talking about so after 10 minutes interrupted her and asked what it all about because It had nothing to do with the panorama shoot….. now it comes: there was an appointment also at 10:00 with another photographer called Bob haha! Back to work , me was also told that Pulchri had lots of different pedestals so asked a man from Pulchri were I could find them. He took me to the storage room and told me ” go ahead choose one” and left because he was busy. Took a 1,5 meter high pedestal and walked through Pulchri with it to search for a nice spot to shoot the HDRI panorama (must have look very funny to see me walking with tripod, camera bag & a pedestal through Pulchri)

By the way the name of the other Bob is Bob Bronshoff and his job was to take an image from the young woman (Ceciel Brouwer student at Reinwardt academie) for her study project (intern at Pulchri). He shot also a picture of the both of us. ( image Copyright © fotografie Bob Bronshoff)

Shooting information

Shot the final HDRI in 63 pictures – RAW format – (9 exposures per angle, 7 angles so 63 images are used to make the final HDRI)

Also used the QPcard 201 for later color correction in post production.

Did several shoots because of the light outside it was cloudy and sometimes sunny (glass rooftop). Some shootings the light changed during the shoot so those could not be used.

It never happened before since I started shooting digital images but lost 1 flash card somewhere, gladly it was the one with the worst shooting 🙂

Post Production notes

Big advantage of using the QPcard 202 is that you can easily make profiles you can use the batch convert the original RAW files in 16 bit TIFF files. Before the shoot(or direct after the shoot) you just have to shoot the card.

After the shoot the most time consuming part starts: tonemapping & retouche. The actually shooting is done within 1 minute per pano, post production can take about 20 or 30 hours (or even more). In this case the floor retouche was very time consuming (actually not that happy with, it could need some more “tuning” but for now will leave it like it is).

Pixologix Zbrush 4R2 Feature Video – Siggraph 2011

Final words

Big thanks to Pixologic, Pulchri Studio, Ilja Walraven & Bob Bronshoff/ Ceciel Brouwer