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by bob on March 30, 2012

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Anti Paparazzi Ring

Was looking in my archive and found a “invention(?)” from early 2001.

Lots of celebrities are victims of Paparazzi photographers. Personally think it would be a true “curse” to be famous. More and more people try to get famous (all the crap shows on the television) these days…… well being famous has more disadvantages then advantages.


The Anti Paparazzi Ring

It’s a foldable ring that easily can be put in your pockets. When you see a paparazzi the you can put it in front of your face. On the both sides of the ring there is a space for advertisement (perhaps reflective?). The images shot by the paparazzi are becoming useless.


I hear you thinking “it works only when the famous person sees the Paparazzi!”. Yup that’s thats the major flaw of this concept.

Upgrade concept 2012

With modern display techniques it could be possible to show randomly advertisements or even Augmented reality possibilities etc.

But can imagine a kind of beaming technique that auto-detects a camera and then projects the advertisement (or something else maybe a blurred face).

Or…. imagine the following..kind of Augmented reality that detects a camera when its recording the famous person then turns into (projects) the identity of a paparazzi photographer..outside the persons body.. so the paparazzi is making images of another paparazzi photographer. A online database with the images of all Paparazzi is were the Augmented reality app collects its images from. With this idea its also possible that the Paparazzi is making images of himself!