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by bob on March 24, 2012

in 360, HDRI, Showcase

Modo- Workshop Architektur – Detaillerung und Rendering

A brand new Modo training is released by a nice guy Tilmann Sick. He is a experienced 3D visualizer & architect from Germany.

Tilmann contacted me last year with the question if I could give him some Dutch Skies 360° for his training video. Finally he made a clever move to use one of my skies that are freely available at the HDRLabs Archive (see bottom page and look for the Annual Free Dutch Skies 360°). He uses more for his training but those are not for free. That one is available in my online store.

It’s in German and you can order (99,95 euro for 14 hours off training seems like a fair price to me ) it here

He also released also last year a training video modo-Workshop Architektur: Texturierung

Hope he will release a english version then I’m for sure he can sell a lot more of his training workshops.

3D Renders

Tilmann provided me some nice images to show the final renders. Isn’t that looking cool!

Introduction video

There is a free example video available that shows how you can use my Annual Free Skies 360° within Modo. Interesting to mention is that he show a way of using the core elements of the sIBL/ HDR set without using a sIBL loader script.