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by bob on May 11, 2012

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NL Agency | Hollandtrade interview

Recently had a pleasant interview with Peter Koll, Communication Advisor NL Agency (e-mail address: peter.koll ATT agentschapnl.nl ) about exporting the Dutch Skies 360° all over the planet.

* The shortened English interview can be found here

* The complete Dutch interview can be found here

Many thanks to NL Agentschap, Hollandtrade & specially Peter Koll for this great promo!

NL Agency | Hollandtrade extra info

NL Agency is a division of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation. It is the central organ of the Dutch government responsible for promoting the international presence of Dutch companies in foreign markets and for supporting private sector development in emerging markets. The organisation provides Dutch companies with information and services critical for the pursuit of new opportunities in all markets. Additionally, it also provides financial support for activities contributing to sustainable private sector development in emerging markets.

Hollandtrade website

Agentschap NL website