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by bob on July 10, 2012

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New Venus – Izanagi Salamander | Dr Grordbort’s by Kel Solaar

Another amazing new project made by my friend Thomas Mansencal aka Kel Solaar! He used for a part of the lighting one of my Dutch Skies 360° (see for more details the Lookdev / Lighting breakdown below).

New Venus – Izanagi Salamander final render (please click on the image below to see a bigger version)


Thomas made complete breakdowns on the CGFeedback website of the project see here.

Shortcut’s to breakdowns see below.

Concept breakdown

Modeling & UVs & Rigging & Skinning breakdown

Texturing breakdown

Lookdev & Lighting breakdown

Illustration breakdown


Big thanks Thomas for your permission to show your incredible work on this website!

Naruto Tribute – Tendo – The Six Paths Of Pain

Another beautiful showcase made by Thomas ( Naruto Tribute – Tendo – The Six Paths Of Pain ) see here. That showcase one was published november 2010

HDRLabs – sIBL_GUI – Lightsmith

Interesting to mention too is the fact that Thomas is also the creator of sIBL_GUI + Lightsmith (more info you can find on the CGFeedback website)

You can download sIBL_GUI on the HDRLabs website.