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by bob on September 14, 2012

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RefCube | RefTrack


RefCube Test Drive – Free download!

We ( Rob Wuijster & Bob Groothuis) made a free package with all the ingredients you need to test the RefCube yourself.

What’s in the package?

– a sIBL HDR set, that can be used in any 3D application,
– a 19 K extra spherical (same as within the sIBL set but the a “bit” bigger),
– extra BG plates with the Refcube and without.
– a simple test comp with one of the backplates,
– a Nuke setup file as an example of the undistort workflow.

More info and download just visited the RefCube website

See here for the VR and below see a spherical version

And below you can see how easy it is build the RefCube (it Rob Wuijster on those images) & and on the other photo you see Bob Groothuis in action.


For proper integration of 3D models into photography or video/film, we need as much information of the location and the camera(s) used during that shoot. The brand and model of the camera which will give us the dimensions of the backplate, the lens that was used will gives us the focal data, and we need some form of reference to ‘ground’ our 3D into the plate later on in the process.
This is were the RefCube and RefTrack come in. A physical object with a known size in your frame, to help you to align the 3D camera to the one from the real world.

Official website

Just click here to visit the official RefCube & RefTrack website. On that website the RefCube & RefTrack can be ordered (so no order possibilities on this website).


Rob Wuijster has been doing ‘stuff in 3D’ for quite some time now. Check out his website Rowu Media. Started with a Constructional Architecture and Road- and Waterworks education, the lure of 3D slowly moved Rob out of the building business. And into Multimedia productions, VFX for TV commercials and Architectural Visualisation. Apparently you cannot escape your past… Rob is a enthousiastic HDRI photographer as well, just for the fun of it, or as needed on a set.

Bob Groothuis is the guy who makes this website.

Some images

(click on the image to see a bigger version)

Note 1: here some more info about the Kurhaus HDRI panorama used for the first 2 images.
Note 2: an earlier prototype + article + some free sIBL / HDRI sets shot at Protospace Fablab Utrecht can be seen/downloaded here.