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by bob on May 30, 2013

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Postoffice Amsterdam, post-production company Showcase

Most of my clients are not from the Netherlands, but now present a Dutch post-production company that make beautifull VFX (and uses some of my Skies) in their productions: Postoffice Amsterdam

Below you can see some examples where the Dutch Skies are used.

Big thanks to Postoffice Amsterdam (and specially Bram Buddingh ) to show this on my website!

Be sure you check out their most recent work page regulary.

Anouk music video Clip Birds

Some scenes used the Dutch Skies 360°

De Bende van Oss movie

The shots were the skies have been replaced contains the Dutch Skies 360°

some extra renders:



Dr. van der Hoog Commercial

Jumbo commercial


All images © 2013 Postoffice Amsterdam

And last but not least the Postoffice showreel 2013!