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by bob on June 28, 2013

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About the (close) Encounters project

This panorama is part of a bigger series (this is Part 11) that will be made in the future. Behind the scenes HDRI panorama portraits of people. More info about this project see at the bottom of this page. Not sure witch direction it will go.

This HDRI panorama portrait is one of a Dutch artist: Ilja Walraven


Shot a new HDRI panorama on 6 june 2013 the Dutch Artist Ilja Walraven in his atelier.

Ilja helped me with another project and in exchange of his help promised to shoot a HDRI panorama of him in his atelier (The Haque, the Netherlands) where he normaly works. We had to skip the shoot several times because we wanted the ideal situation: a nice sunny day. As you can see in the panorama below his work place has a beautiful glass rooftop. The lighting conditions during the shoot were just perfect, absolutely worth waiting for.

The HDRI Panorama v01:

Spherical version



Just click here to see the 360 panorama on your computer, iPad iphone etc.

The HDRI Panorama v02:

Spherical version



Just click here to see the 360 panorama on your computer, iPad iphone etc.

The discovery

During the shoot positioned Ilja on the spot I thought it would be the best.. he just listened and followed my “orders”

Then in the evening when checking the source files noted the weird shadow in front of his feed! Caused by a symbol painted on the rooftop glass

Asked him directly if that shadow was painted deliberate for the shooting…. he said yes!

Have the idea he not needed to ask me to stand on another location because it was exactly the right spot… just like he planned. Really like this extra “feature” specially because he did not told me about it during the shoot.

Below some close ups:


ps made the shadow symbol before is feet some darker so you can see it better.

About the symbol

You may wonder what that symbol means. It was designed as part of an installation in a greenhouse. No more words to keep it short.


vogelkasje 2007

Big Greenhousebird

grote KasVogel

ps both images are from Ilja’s photoarchive

HDRI panorama portrait information:

This is a ongoing project and is called (close) Encounters.

The HDRI ( High Dynamic Range Images ) panorama portrait panorama’s are made out of 63 pictures (minimal 9 exposures per angle, 7 angles so 63 images are used to make a HDRI portret panorama.

That makes taking the image with some thrill — it could be ruined due to the fact that if the people are moving the portrait could fail. That idea makes it fascinating for me to do it, Its always exiting to shoot. Warn the customers in advance: “we will see in the final image who moved, so do not dare to move!” Until now (almost) everyone has listened very good in the portrait shoots from the last years.

After the shoot the most time consuming part starts: tonemapping, color correction & retouche. The actually shooting is done within 1 minute per pano, post production can take about 20 or 30 hours (or even more).

Update november 2015:

Last years the technical development of 360° camera’s (so no need to shoot in several angles but just push the button once) is going very quickly. More and more are entering the market and this is fantastic news. My special attention goes to the latest Lytro Immerge development. But have to be honest. For the (close) Encounters series not want to use such camera’s its just too easy. Its much more exciting if there is a bigger chance of failure. It reminds me also to the early days of (portrait) photography, can imagine the photographer shouted also “ please do not move”.

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