3DWorld’s Advent Giveaway 2013 – 4 free DS360 HDRI skies < publicity < 362w

by bob on December 14, 2013

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3DWorld’s Advent Giveaway 2013 – 4 free (for commercial usage) DS360 HDRI skies

Made 4 sIBL/HDR exclusive sets for this years 3DWorld’s Advent Giveaway 2013. Its a sunset sequence.

The 4 sets are based on sIBL from my friends from the HDRLabs. Currently you can import them easily in your 3D apps like: Blender , Modo, Cinema4D, Lightwave 3D, 3dsMax, Maya, Eias3d. For some of those 3D Applications Thomas Mansencal‘s fantastic sIBL_Gui can be very handy.
And off course you can also use just the HDRI.

Also included are the 11k HDR’s! So if needed you can make your own 11k tonemap because my tonemapping taste may differ from yours. Instructions are included in the download package.

The good news is you are allowed to use them commercially and royalty free without any secret disclosures.

You can download the files until 31 january 2014 at the CreativeBloq/ 3DWorld website  here.

Discount & Free Dutch Skies 360° Autumn Pack !

Until 31 January 2 discounts:

1) Get LittleCMS Color Translator for only 5 euro instead of 19,95 euro. 

For years Marti Maria is know of his excellent work on the free Color Engine LittleCMS. Recently he made a nifty application called: Color Translator. It’s the definitive tool for convert, assign and embed ICC profiles in TIFF, JPEG and PNG images. A must have for any color management pro.

If you work in any type of media production (print, website creation, 3D etc) this is a very important application.

A example HDRI workflow conversion trick + ordering information can be seen here.

2) if you order minimal 2 Dutch Skies 360° Volumes in my online store you will get a Free Dutch Skies  360° Autumn Pack worth 19,99 euro/27,99 $!

Note you not need to order it the same day even if you ordered in the past a Dutch Skies 360° Volume you get the free Dutch Skies 360° Autumn HDRI Pack if you order from now a new Dutch Skies 360° Volume(s) . The offer does not count for products other then the Dutch Skies 360° Volumes. Direct link to the online store.

The sIBL/HDR sets




3D Render





3D Render





3D Render





3D Render



Many thanks to Gerardo Estrada, 3DWorld, Creative Bloq & HDRLabs!

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