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by bob on May 4, 2014

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Mathias Weil

Update: 20150322

Tesla 3D render!


ps The Dutch Skies 360 Volume 1 was used for this render (DS360_020).

USS Enterprise (in combination with DS360XL_001)



Mathias sended me a awesome workflow animation where he uses my new Dutch Skies XL (Extra Large) sky.

If you click on the animation below a bigger version will be displayed.




During the render contest from 2011 came in contact with a very friendly creative (multidisciplinary ) guy from Germany: Mathias Weil.

He did not win the contest but got the third price. To see the results of the Annual Free Dutch Skies 360° Render Contest Results 2011 *) please see here.

Glad we still have contact even after the render contest was finished. Also very excited Mathias liked the idea of making a showcase of his work.

Can you tell us a little bit more about your background heard you started your career as a helicopter mechanic:

I start my career as a industrial mechanic, after the vocational training and a special training on a us helicopter base i start working as a helicopter mechanic for the next 4 years. After 2 years the army noticed my hobby – photography. so from time to time they want me to shoot photos out of a helicopter for several reasons. I quit working there during first gulf war and start working as a freelance photographer for associated press, some music and ifestyle magazines and also newspapers. At this point i found my love to Photoshop and Graphic Design. The combination of both end in a job for a book house as food photographer, Graphic Designer (i did about 300 children and cooking books). I start doing 3d-design with Maxon C4D as a hobby. Followed by different jobs in commercial agencies as 3d-artist and art director. Since 4 years I’m working as project manager, 3d-artist and photographer in the commercial agency and also as 3d-freelancer and photographer for stock agencies (Fotolia, Shutterstock and Envato), fashion, cosmetics and hairstylist clients – since this year I am a photographer for the image agency which is a special agency for cg car related backplates and hdri panoramas.












Can you tell something more about your other work/passions?

My passion is simple to tell: I love cars and their designs, i love photography and 3d graphics – the combination of that all is doing 3d car renderings and shooting my own hdri panoramas and backplates.

Where can we see your work do you have a website (store) etc:  i still dont have a own homepage, sorry …. but it will come some where this year. To see some my work (not everything but good references) my portfolio on Behance ( Or just have a look on his  new online gallery on Lightroom mobile.

I love riding my street-racebike as often i find free time.

Special thanks goes to the Satware agency team (i realy love to be a part of it) and to my family!

Why did you choose for the Dutch Skies 360 in your projects?

Dutch Skies where my 1. choice because I really love the Dutch light, they came with sIBL sets which I use since the beginning, they save a lot of time, and they come with a lot of other useful info’s and extras with an excellent support if needed.   Btw, thanks Bob for all your tips in the past, all for an acceptable fair price – worth every penny!

Examples of Mathias work in combination with the Dutch Skies 360°


future fantasy car 001

Sunset Exterior with a yellow Sports Car



Final words:

Thanks Mathias for allowing to show your fantastic work on my website!

Legal Notes:

All images shown above are © Mathias Weil

*) 2011 was also the last render contest maybe in the future will do another one but for now it cost me to much time to arrange it.