Dutch Skies 360° < support page <325w

October 19, 2011
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Latest sIBL files: Made several little errors when generating the sIBL sets. Here you can download the latest versions for Dutch Skies 360° Vol 1 revision, Vol 2 & Vol 3. Please read the instructions with in the download file. If you bought Vol 1 and still not have the revision of Dutch Skies 360° […]

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HDRI < Tonemapping tips

February 27, 2011

more info soon: still updating this page One problem with HDR has always been in viewing the images. Typical computer monitors (CRTs, LCDs), prints, and other methods of displaying images only have a limited dynamic range. Thus various methods of converting HDR images into a viewable format have been developed, generally called “tone mapping”. Early […]

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Linear Workflow

August 2, 2009

Attention still working on this page Got some questions from customers about the Linear Workflow (please note that I’m absolute a nitwit on this subject) Here is a great basic tutorial on the Lightwave forum (but is not specific Lightwave but handles the subject very basic) In that thread there is much more information so […]

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