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    Courgette 3D>2D>3D - 3D Learn Project - Intro

    Courgette 3D>2D>3D - 3D Learn Project - Intro

    This is a multi purpose 3D study project.

    Want to try again to start with learning 3D when you have flat - lined learning curve ( its guess a kind of concentration thing following a tutorial , then 3 weeks later continue and have to start all over ). Think its caused by the fact that the head office here works in 2.314D ( please see here for a more precise calculation behind the .)  so need to scale that up to 3D.

    Next to that a big fan of making the same errors over and over *) for some reason it brings idea's and boots the creativity guess its something personal. 

    Other imported thing to this learning project is that family, friends etc who are VERY good in 3D are not allowed to help.

    Now need a subject to start this project. The ideal one is a project from about 29 years ago: how to "translate” a courgette from the real thing into flat images (2D – photography) and then model it back into a 3D. More info about that project please see here.

    Thats it for now. Next fase will be making a kind of read map how to tackle this project. Will post more in the next posting.

    ps here are the instructions for the creation of the header image

    *) this "flaw" has a name and a famous guy most likely said something sane about it.