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    Courgette 3D>2D>3D

    Courgette 3D>2D>3D


    Suddenly somewhere about 1991/1992 came up with the following idea/question: is it possible to “translate” a courgette from the real thing into flat images (2D – photography) and then model it back into a 3D. Oh before forgetting it important to mention the idea was too not using a computer at all.

    Measured the courgette, sliced it and took images of the slices (plus courgette texture outside) and put it back together….. only…. never finished it. Some project notes + images can be seen beneath.

    Think its about time ( +/- 29 years later ) to finish it, only a bit different then originally planned: going to combine it with a current 3D application , 3D printing technology & some photography for the textures.  Thats the base idea not sure about the final product but think this could be a nice new side (in-between) project. You can follow the progress of the project here.

    Below you can see some images of the project from 1991/1992.

    The main projects notes

    The sliced courgettes (contact sheets for easier understanding)

    The rebuild in 3D (unfinished)