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    Wonderwash - Review - Part 1

    Wonderwash - Review - Part 1


    How to save on your electricity and water bill was the question here in the head office. A electric washing machine uses a lot of energy and water, so started the research and pretty quickly found a non-electric portable compact mini washing machine on Amazon ( because its not available in the Netherlands ) that looked almost like a scam.

    Digging a bit deeper in the Amazon reviews and it looked like a real useful tool to wash to the cloth with.


    It cost only 49 $ (well the instinct told already that there would be extra cost involved importing it to the Netherland ) started ordering, for that price its worth taking the risk. Amazon did some extra suggestions to buy and thought it would be a good idea to to add a manual spin dryer and a foldable drying rack........ ooops.......

    As you can see thats a bit too expensive so ordered only the Wonderwash on tuesday 8 January 2019.

    Receiving & unpacking


    Excited to receive the package two days later so on Friday 11 January. The package is smaller ( added the bike pump next to it so you can see the size a bit better ) then expected and unpacked the ingredients. 

    And a extra with left arm of the writer of this text.


    With the package came some instructions:


    Below some mounting images:






    Mounting is very easy so on to the first test!


    First wash test


    Needed a search engine to look how much 1 quarts ( please see manual above ).  looks that a Quarts is about a liter not sure because used two conversion sites and both gave a different output when convert a quarts to a liter. Stupidly enough not have the links to those sites. Will be more precise when writing part two of the review.

    The washing its self was easy peasy and the guess the cloth are clean. Its smells at least good :). These days where a lot of people have office jobs really dirt cloths are a rare thing ( except when you have a real job like a carpenter, plumber, garbage man, firefighter, nurse, doctor, serial killer - not the intension to insult previous professions with this last one lets keep it to bad sense of humour - etc or when you might have kids off course ;) ). 

    Like always not a good manual reader resulting in using to much washing soap / or to little water so needed to do a extra wash with just water to get rid of the "to much soap".


    How to dry the cloths? For smaller stuff like -shirts etc its easy but it gets more difficult when its a jeans.

    Well because there is no spinner (and not want to use the electric wash machine to do it) there are plenty of solutions please see here.

    Meanwhile spotted another type op manual wash machine - The Laundry POD - that can also do the spinning. Under investigation perhaps use the Wonder wash for washing and the other machine as spin-dryer? Or is the The Laundry POD perhaps a better choice then the Wonderwash?


    Bed sheets

    Think that washing bed sheets is a nogo because of the a) size (to big) and c) bed sheets need to be washed at 60 degrees. 

    Whats in it for the next review of this nice handy manual washing machine?

    Upcoming period will start some more intensive testing and reading the Amazon review notes ( lots a of very good suggestions ) more closely.  Or perhaps buy a extra  Laundry POD ? And what about making your own wash powder? Going to do some research about those options too.

    Will share the experiences and give some more suggestions. So please stay tuned for Review Part 2 in +/- spring 2019!


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