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    Reviews - Intro

    Reviews John’s Phone, LEROUGE Pinhole cameras & Wonderwash
    Started a couple of years ago with reviewing stuff. No real "schedule" for the subjects it can be anything that's interesting enough to try/test. No one is paying for it so its completely in-depended.

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    Wonderwash - Review - Part 1

    Wonderwash non-electric portable compact mini washing machine
    Introduction to the non-electric portable compact mini washing machine called Wonderwash. How to save on your monthly electricity bill. In Wonderwash - Review - Part 1 you can read about how to order it, unpacking & mounting plus a quick first test.

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    John’s Phone - Review

    John's Phone - 5 versions : white, black, brown, greyish-green and pink
    In 2010 a “Anti Smartphone” was launched called: John's Phone. It was advertised as the “World’s simplest Mobile Phone” and got some great reviews. In 2016 bought a second hand version and the adventure started. Here’s the review.

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