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    Concepts - Intro

    Concepts - Intro

    Last 35 years off "lekker een beetje knutselen" (not sure yet how to translate it from Dutch to English) had quite a few idea's/concepts. Plan to show some of those on this section of the website. Nice to start digging in all those sketchbooks etc. Perhaps even recreate (if possible) in 3D so can perhaps learn a bit about 3D some more because did already lost of (failed) attempts studying/learning 3D past 23 years. Time will tell.

    If you wonder what's the "magician" HDRI tonemapped image above about created in 2008? Its called "paperwoman f/m" no big plan or deeper meaning just a fun project. Its like it is. Although possible to show a kind of making off in the near future.

    Please stay tuned for more ( also new brainstormed ones ) concept publications in the upcoming years.


    Courgette 3D>2D>3D

    Courgette 3D>2D>3D


    Suddenly somewhere about 1991/1992 came up with the following idea/question: is it possible to “translate” a courgette from the real thing into flat images (2D – photography) and then model it back into a 3D. Oh before forgetting it important to mention the idea was too not using a computer at all.

    Measured the courgette, sliced it and took images of the slices (plus courgette texture outside) and put it back together….. only…. never finished it. Some project notes + images can be seen beneath.

    Think its about time ( +/- 29 years later ) to finish it, only a bit different then originally planned: going to combine it with a current 3D application , 3D printing technology & some photography for the textures.  Thats the base idea not sure about the final product but think this could be a nice new side (in-between) project. You can follow the progress of the project here.

    Below you can see some images of the project from 1991/1992.

    The main projects notes

    The sliced courgettes (contact sheets for easier understanding)

    The rebuild in 3D (unfinished)