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    Possible Space Discovery?

    Possible Space Discovery?

    Posted this discovery in October 2015 on some social media pages now publish it again with some extra background information think its worth to be published officially.

    On 2 October 2015 my friend JP vd Burg sended a amazing space image from the Orion Nebula ( distance of 1400 Light Years ) please see below.


    The original can be found here

    After looking at this stunning image a few times suddenly saw other info appearing on the image……. wow! Added some extra lines to show you what seeing it it.

    a “God?” figure saying hello (meeting) to a astronaut or vice versa, do you see it too?


    Sended the discovery also to my friend Gerardo Estrada and he refined the images even more please see below.


    Next to that thought it was good idea to contact Erich von Däniken  too but until now never got a reply. Sended it by e-mail and the contact form on his website. Have the idea he never received it, its hard to say these days the miscommunication could be be caused by a spam filter or a error in the contact form.

    Note that this “discovery” is just a interpretation, and seeing it is most likely caused by Pareidolia aka having a vivid imagination ( thanks Gerardo for pointing at the meaning of Pareidolia, never heard of that word before ).